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The International Society of Intelligent Unmanned Systems (ISIUS) is an international non-profit scientific organization that promotes the advancement of technologies relevant to unmanned vehicles in underwater, ground, aerial and space domains. The initial members of the society comprise some 400 scientists and researchers actively working on the field of unmanned systems. The society organizes an annual conference world-wide as a forum to discuss the science, technology and know-how on the pertinent subjects in response to ever-increasing demands of unmanned systems for various applications. The dissemination of original research work representing significant advances in the design, development, testing and operation of unmanned vehicles and systems is facilitated by the publication in the society official journals. Presently the number of community members has been growing to more than 3,000 members who are involved in different level of engagement through the annual conference as well as our official technical journals (editors, authors, reviewers and readers).  With the accelerated progress in unmanned systems, the society was founded with the following objectives:

  • promoting the use of robotic and unmanned systems for humanitarian mission
  • advocating robotics ethics to prevent the use of robot against human
  • supporting a safe integration of unmanned system and robots within workplace and living environments

Membership Benefits

ISIUS is an open scientific community, the membership is available and free for interested scientists and researchers. The society membership can be obtained by registration at one of ISIUS official journals accessible at UNSYS Digital. The members can support the society by attending the conference, contributing (as author or reviewer) and/or subscribing to society journals. The members can also contribute discussions to the society ISIUS LinkedIn group page. The members of ISIUS enjoy the following benefits:

1. Discount for ISIUS proceeding: 15%

2. Discount for subscription to ISIUS official journals published by UNSYS Digital : 15 - 20% 

3. Free access to select content of ISIUS journals

4. Updates regarding ISIUS events including annual conference, workshop, special issue publication etc.

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